Surefire Media Group is your premier advertising agency. Run by a group of creative and passionate marketing professionals, we enjoy being innovative and exceeding your marketing objectives. Surefire Media Group employs an effective ROI driven approach assuring you get the most viable consumers to actively participate in your product or service. Doing so, we are helping you generate the most important things in business – Acquisitions and long term client advocacy.

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Discover long-held industry secrets and learn how to leverage them to grow your business. 





We take time learning the intricate details of our clients businesses, so we can be most effective with our marketing programs.

Our expert creative and development team takes any idea and with careful attention to detail, we turn our clients ideas into realities.

Results that are both positive and scalable. Our clients success is our success and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Discover long-held industry secrets and learn how to leverage them to grow your business. 

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Discover long-held industry secrets and learn how to leverage them to grow your business. 


By leveraging the extensive consumer relationships Surefire Media Group has cultivated, we pick the most relevant ads for our users and keep what they want coming. By owning and operating all of our own online data aggregation points, we take care in collecting lifestyle, interest, and ailment information on each consumer that we have in our database. Clear consent and fully compliant Can-Spam authorization allows Surefire Media Group to effectively reach the most viable consumers for our partners’ marketing efforts.

Lead Generation

We own and operate an extensive network of web properties where consumers interact with advertisers that are relevant to them.  Our unique approach to campaign targeting and optimization puts the right message in front of the right person at the right time, thus yielding better user experiences and solid lead quality for our advertisers.

List Management

     Let us take your data and create for you the revenue you know it could generate. By assisting our partners in leveraging the data they have already collected, we are able to develop profitable revenue streams that would otherwise never exist. Whether you have data you’re looking to convert into revenue or you are searching for a company with solid data that will help to boost your bottom line, SFMG can help.

Social Media

Our social media services help you to listen to the conversation between your brand and your customers to figure out how best to meet their needs. Once we perform a competitive analysis of your place in the market, we use that knowledge to help you to increase brand awareness and customize your social media campaign strategies, from profile build out to full social brand management, to best fit the model for engagement between you and your target audience.

Site Monetization

     If you have a website, you’re always looking for strategic solutions to optimize growth channels and revenue opportunities.  Let SFMG help you exceed the revenue targets you have set.  SFMG analyzes trends such as new and repeat visitors to your site, demographics, the time the average user spends on your site, the average number of pages a user views per visit, and even navigation patterns. This data allows us to identify opportunities to provide granular targeting for advertisers, improve traffic flow on your site, maximizing revenue, and expand your monetization plan for not only your current traffic, but the traffic you could be receiving and converting once fully optimized.

Content Generation

     We’ve all heard the many reason why content is king. Your web content not only drives traffic to your website – it is the all-important first impression your customers have of your brand. SFMG develops consistently engaging content that produces results. From marketing copy to site content to articles, press releases, viral videos, podcasts, and more – let SFMG generate content for your brand and experience audience acquisition and retention like never before.

Custom Projects

Speak with us today for help with a custom marketing campaign. We understand that ever business has different needs and wants and our team are no strangers to unique and creative marketing programs designed to get the attention your brand deserves!

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